Poulsbo Yacht Club
United States of America

Poulsbo Yacht Club Marina Management Association

Executive Board Meeting

December 3, 2019


Call to Order  & Remarks                                                                              Ann Holt

Secretary’s Report –    November 5, 2019 - Minutes for Approval                Marc Myer

Treasurer’s Report                                                                                         Mike Conlan

General Report – November 2019

            2020 Budget Status

  1. Income Accounts
  2. Covers Accounts
  3. Marina R&M Accounts
  4. Admin. Accounts

Maintenance & Planning Report                                                                Jerry Hanson

Emergency Contact Signage Project

Safety & Environmental Report                                                                  Rich Dixson

Marina Resident Report – via e-mail                                                          Susan Johnson

Additional Committee Reports -

  1. Marina Rebuild Executive Committee                                                 Bill Whiteley                                                                                                     

Unfinished Business

  1. Nominating Committee                                                               Ann Holt
  2. PND Survey Project                                                      Susan Johnson/Ann Holt

New Business

Adjournment                                                                                                   Ann Holt