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Junior Sailing Sail Camp FAQ's

Junior Sailing Safety Plan:
The PYC Jr. Sailing Program is dedicated to the safety of all persons and students involved in the Program.  The PYC Jr. Sailing Safety Plan documents the identified risks and controls, procedures, equipment, training, location/standards of training/skills, and documentation/records that are put in place to protect the safety of the participating Instructors, Directors, Lookouts, students, and others persons participating. Click here to view the Junior Sailing Safety Plan
Frequently Asked Questions:
COVID Protocols:
Covid guidelines are fluid.  These guidelines may change unexpectedly for Kitsap County and/or the State of Washington.  Our program adapted for safely during the Covid summers of 2020 and 2021.  At the time of the 2023 PYC Junior Sailing Camp, students and parents must consent to and abide by the guidelines our private program implements for the safety of students, instructors and volunteers.

COVID Requirements:

If you are sick with any illness, you must stay home, even if you are fully vaccinated.

Daily arrival screening will be required in 2023 for participants, instructors, and volunteers.

  • In 2023 we will continue to ask COVID-19 screening questions and take temperatures upon arrival (while the student is in the car).  

Participants must follow current social distancing, masks, and other health guidelines.  As of January 2023, no masking nor social distancing is required.

  • As of January 2023, PYC Jr. Sailing will allow all instructors, volunteers, and participants the option to wear a mask or go without. We strongly request all community members respect individuals’ personal decisions on wearing or foregoing masks.


Participants: Fully vaccinated for COVID-19 recommended  

Instructors: Fully vaccinated for COVID-19 recommended  

Volunteers: Fully vaccinated for COVID- recommended 
PYC Jr. Sailing has volunteer members assist with various activities (check-in, photography, safety, etc.) 

It is important to remember that vaccines are one layer of protection to prevent the spread of COVID-19. A layered mitigation strategy includes vaccines, mask-wearing, physical distancing, hand washing, etc.

Fully Vaccinated: An individual is fully vaccinated when they have received both doses in a two dose COVID-19 vaccine primary series or one dose of a single-dose COVID-19 primary series approved or authorized for use in the United States. Staying up to date with all recommended vaccinations and boosters is the best option to protect from severe disease and hospitalization.

Swimming Competency:
As part of the registration process, every parent/guardian will be asked to affirm that their child has demonstrated the ability to swim:

  • swim freestyle for at least 50 feet without any flotation device or goggles
  • be fully submersed in water
  • tread water or float for at least 1 minute, keeping face out of water

During the "Learn to Sail" course participants will be required to swim with a life jacket during the capsize drill. The program will teach them how to put on their life jacket properly.

Double Handed and Adventure Sailing students must be pre-qualified by our instructors. To register for our advanced camps (Double Handed and Adventure Sail) you must contact the registrar for the required code access. For the safety of our students we require confirmation of sailing capability before signing up for these camps. 

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations 72 hours prior to the beginning of a class, a full refund will be issued. No refund will be provided if a student is dismissed from the program for violating our program rules, health and safety rules, or if a student elects not to continue with the program.

Class cancellations: If the weekly course is cancelled or your child becomes ill (with a physician's acknowledgement), a prorated refund will be provided. 

Inclement weather & other unforeseeable conditions: In the event inclement weather or other unforeseeable reasons it may become necessary to cancel classes. If this happens, we will contact you via email by 8 a.m. on the day of class (or sooner if we have more warning). Please keep us updated with your latest email address. Note: We do not provide compensation or replacement classes if class must be cancelled due to causes described above. As of now we have not had to cancel a class.

Certified Instructors:
All PYC Junior Sailing courses are taught by U.S. Sailing Association Certified Instructors who are certified in First Aid and CPR by The American Red Cross and/or The U.S. Sailing Association.

Registration Information:
To register for one or more sail camps please complete the online registration form. Following submission of your registration we will review class availability. We will call you if any changes are necessary. After our review you will receive an email with payment information, and links to the required waiver and student agreements. Your registration will not be confirmed until your payment is processed, and all forms are signed and submitted.

Relatives may register a child for camp, but only the legal guardian can sign the release forms. Please be sure to indicate contact information for the legal guardian if this case applies to you.




Email:  JuniorSailing@PoulsboYC.org
Call: Patty Henderson, Registrar, at 360-447-8119

For detailed camp descriptions, click here.