Reminder:  You must be a PYC active club member to purchase or rent a slip in our marina.
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Membership in the Poulsbo Yacht Club is available to individuals who share a love for boating and promoting boating activities in the waters of the Pacific Northwest.  The membership process includes the following steps:

  • Obtaining and completing an application
  • Obtaining two members to be your sponsors
  • Attending and being introduced as prospective members at two social events (one of which must be a General Meeting)
  • Paying an initiation fee of $1,500 and annual membership dues of $300 (prorated based on the month you join)
  • Attending an Executive Board Meeting with your sponsors
  • Obtaining approval of your application by the Executive Board

PYC is an all-volunteer club. In addition to the one-time initiation fee and annual dues, PYC members have an annual Work or Pay obligation of 12 hours of work or $50 for every hour not worked.

If you would like more information about membership, or would like to start the membership process, please email us at:

Benefits of Membership

Members of the Poulsbo Yacht Club enjoy the benefits of moorage in our marina, boating activities such as monthly Club cruises, reciprocal moorage privileges at other yacht clubs, and social events at our beautiful waterfront clubhouse. Members may rent the Clubhouse for family events at a very reasonable rate. For many members the biggest benefit is association with people who share similar interests. This association results in friendships that enrich our lives.

Membership Rules

Our Bylaws and policies require that in order to enjoy moorage in our marina, owners, co-owners, or partners in ownership of a boat must be Club Members.

Membership Categories

Regular Members -- Most of our members are Regular Members.  To join as a regular member you must be at least eighteen years old.  Regular members are entitled to participate in all activities, vote in elections, hold office and own moorage in our marina.

Military Members -- Persons on active duty in the US military and their spouses may join as military members while stationed in our area.  Military members pay a substantially reduced initiation fee that can be applied to the regular initiation fee if they choose to become regular members.  Military members must be at least eighteen years old.  Military members enjoy many of the benefits of regular members but may not own moorage, hold office or vote on financial matters.

Student Members -- Student members must be eighteen but not yet twenty-five and attending school full time.  Student Members join for a small initiation fee and very low dues.  When they finish college, they are able to gain regular member status at minimal cost.  Student members enjoy limited benefits and rights.

Junior Members -- Junior members are between 10 and 18 years of age. Junior members must be sponsored by an adult member. Junior members are acknowledged at our meeting and events. Special activities and events are sometimes planned for our Junior members. Junior members are able to convert to Student Members or Regular Members when they turn 18.


Sponsors are PYC members who agree to assist prospective members as they go through the membership process. Sponsors are key in introducing new members to the Club, its members, and its activities. Prospective members are sometimes already acquainted with PYC Members who have agreed to sponsor them. Most prospective members obtain sponsors by getting to know members when attending their required social events.