Anchoring in Northwest Waters
What All Boating Crew Members Want To Know, Not Just Captains

Presentation from 7:00-8:00pm. This will be a Zoom event.

Zoom Presentation -

Presenter: Mike Huston, Partner, San Juan Sailing and Yachting, Inc.  Mike’s Zoom PYC presentation in 2022 on preparing for cruising to Alaska was a huge hit with members of PYC because of all the valuable and practical information he presented.  With over 50 years of boating experience, both sail and power, Mike has been instructing both sail and power cruising classes for the 20 years.

PYC First Mates and other crew members have expressed an interest in workshops that build their boating skills.  Mike Huston’s presentation on anchoring in the Pacific Northwest will address the important skills of anchoring.  Our waters are not always straightforward and boaters, not just Captains, need to know the basics of anchoring as well as practical tips that can make ‘dropping the hook’ a success.