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Please pre-register with no payment so we have an idea how much interest you may have in the program.  We would confirm back with you when we know for sure the structure of the program.
Sailing Liberty Bay For the 22nd year Poulsbo Yacht Club offers a unique way to get your kid out in the great outdoors this summer – sailing camp!
Poulsbo Yacht Club hopes to offer a Junior Sailing program this summer and we are working on the details of what that might look like.  Because of Covid-19 the phased reopening plans from the governor we don't expect to start as originally planned on July 6.  We are currently considering half day programs, morning and afternoon sessions starting mid to late July for 3 one-week sessions beginning July 13.

Our tentative class schedule for 2020:
  • Week 1          July 13 to July 17                Learn to sail
  • Week 2          July 20 to July 24                Learn to sail
  • Week 3          July 27 to July 31                Learn to sail
  • Other classes (Double-handed & Adventure Sailing) may be conducted.

Our "Learn to Sail" classes typically introduces terminology, boat rigging, water safety, and basic sailing skills such as knot tying.  For a course descriptions click here.

To register for a class you have two options.
  1. Download and print the 2020 Registration Packet from this web site. Either:
    A. Mail the completed forms to the Poulsbo Yacht Club (see the address below), or
    B. Email scanned versions of the completed forms to   

  2. Register online by clicking the "Register Now" button below. Then, follow the registration instructions.  
You may also call for specific details and availability for the week you want to reserve. Contact us directly for details and questions.
Contact information:
Phone: 360-447-8119
(Please do not call the Poulsbo Yacht Club)
To register a student on-line:
To register by mail or to complete the online registration option, download this packet:
2020 Registration Packet
  • Above Packet Includes:
    1. Welcome Letter
    2. Registration Form (Use in lieu of online registration. See above "Register Now" link.)
    3. Parent's Consent Form
    4. Participant's Statement of Understanding Form
Mail registration forms to: 
Poulsbo Yacht Club
Junior Sailing Program
18129 Fjord Drive N.E., Suite E
Poulsbo, Washington  98370
This is our 22nd year offering our program.  We look forward to helping you have a great sailing experience in 2020!

Course Descriptions:

Poulsbo Yacht Club’s

Junior Sailing Program

Poulsbo Yacht Club offers a unique way to get your kid out in the great outdoors this summer – sailing camp! PYC offers 6 one-week all-day youth programs, ages 10 to 15, from July 6 through August 14.
Our "Learn to Sail" classes typically introduces terminology, boat rigging, water safety, and basic sailing skills such as knot tying, while the advanced "Double-handed Sailing" class is designed for older children which builds on the beginners course’s foundation.

Learn to Sail Program:

The beginners class (Learn to Sail)  is designed for children with little or no experience sailing a single-handed (single person) dinghy. Students will learn basic dinghy sailing skills as well as basic seamanship. They will learn common sailing knots, parts of the boat, and right-of-way rules. They will also learn the points of sail, basic tacking and gybing, and basic sail trim. Emphasis will be placed on proper boat handling and sail trimming technique. As our core introductory course, we strive to provide a safe and fun learning environment, and to emphasize team work and camaraderie on the water. This class is perfect for younger sailors and children looking to give sailing a try for the first time, as well as those who want to reinforce their sailing skills.
On day one of the beginner’s class (Learn to Sail) all students will learn how to recover from a capsize (that is, when the boats tip all the way over in the water), which is a normal part of sailing small boats. The students' boats float even when capsized.  Students will be taught to stay with their boat, how to right it, re-board and sail away.

Double Handed Program:

This class is designed for children who have completed the "Learn to Sail" (or an equivalent) course. Students will learn how to sail these larger and faster boats as both skipper and crew. The focus is on boat handling, sail trimming skills and teamwork. This class works well for those kids that have become too big to comfortably sail a dinghy and for those that want to continue their sailing experience with a middle or high school racing team.

Adventure Sailing Program:

The "Adventure Sailing" class offers your child the opportunity to sail and explore outside of Liberty Bay into more open waters such as Port Madison and Manzanita Bay on Bainbridge Island, and the Port of Brownsville. It offers an introduction to the cruising aspects of sailing.

All Course Programs:

We require that all students be swimmers before enrolling. Everyone, students, instructors and staff are required to wear their life jackets at all times when on the water and the docks
All PYC Junior Sailing courses are taught by instructors that are certified in First Aid, CPR, as well as Sailing Instruction by The American Red Cross and/or The U.S. Sailing Association. In most cases our instructors have spent at least some time as an Assistant Instructor in our program.

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